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FirstPort Property Services

We're the UK's number one retirement property manager with the expertise and efficiency to deliver complete peace of mind.

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People want a property management service that ensures their property is well maintained and properly looked after; safe in the knowledge that the money they pay towards the maintenance of their building or estate is spent wisely. We have two divisions of property services: Property Services and Retirement Property Services.

FirstPort Property Services

Our robust systems and friendly approach put people at ease, confident they have an efficient and highly effective property manager. Being one of the UK’s most experienced companies means we know how to be nimble and efficient; taking the hands-on approach people are looking for. We always start by listening to people’s needs and deliver the highest standards. It’s an approach that requires our people to be both highly skilled and easy to talk to, and demands that our proactive maintenance and service delivery is spot on.

FirstPort Retirement Property Services

People who have worked hard all their life want to live free from the stress of maintaining their property. We’ve been managing people’s homes for over 30 years, specialising in retirement properties. In that time, our knowledge and skills have grown, as has our understanding of people’s needs. Today, we run safe, welcoming properties, as we know residents want to feel secure in their home and part of a community.

We manage a range of specialist retirement properties to offer a choice between assisted and fully independent living. The secret to our success is understanding what’s important to our residents so we can help them enjoy an independent, worry-free life. We do this by responding to their needs with the minimum of fuss. With each of our 1,400 onsite development managers now equipped with the technology, it allows us to get the appropriate support quickly and efficiently. 93% of our residents say that they are satisfied with the condition and upkeep of their property, but we won’t stop until 100% are satisfied.