FirstPort’s website has been recognised for delivering relevant, personalised, ‘omnichannel’ content, in context and at the moment of user engagement. This means that a visitor’s journey is tailored from beginning to end, with each visitor dynamically segmented, based on their behaviour, and then presented with more relevant content and calls to action.

Sitecore, FirstPort’s platform provider and global leader in customer experience management, honours Sitecore customers and their partners every year who demonstrate that they are delivering an outstanding experience for customers and their own organisation.

In the seven months since FirstPort’s new website was launched the team has recorded an immediate 5% drop in bounce rate, a 6% increase in page views per session, and an 11% increase in the average length of each visit to the website.

The new site has also resulted in a reduction in the amount of calls to the customer service team and an increase of users using alternative channels such as the company’s Twitter channels (@FirstPortUK and @FirstPortHelp)

Nigel Howell, FirstPort Chief Executive commented: “We have made significant investment in technology as part of our efforts to deliver industry-leading customer service, so we are thrilled to be recognised as a Sitecore Experience Award winner. Looking to the future, we are now starting to integrate our online account management, payments and customer service systems into the new web and mobile platform, giving our customers an efficient, single point of contact for all their needs.”