They say music brings people together, and that’s certainly the case at a number of our retirement developments where residents are using a newly launched ‘Movers and Groovers’ class to make new friends, whilst improving their wellbeing.

FirstPort Retirement Property Services has launched the new fun and interactive class at four of its independent retirement living developments in Surrey and Hove, designed to keep residents young at heart in mind and body.

The classes are based on music, musicals and movies and will, over the weeks, feature content from the 1940s to the 1970s. Led by the Music and Dance Academy, a company that normally specialises in dance classes for the younger generation, the sessions have been adapted to specifically cater for all residents in order to promote health and wellbeing.

Residents taking part have commented that “it was amazing”, “we loved the singing” and “really good fun”. It is anticipated that numbers of participants will grow as the news spreads throughout the development and the classes gain momentum.

Keith Shields, Managing Director of FirstPort Retirement Property Services, said: “This class appealed to us because it represents exactly what our developments are about. Retirement living is all about us supporting communities that provide lasting friendships and fun and we always look for new and innovative ways to engage our residents and support them in their homes.”

Laura Wandrag, Dance Teacher said: “There are many benefits from regular movement and exercise; from helping prevent diseases and injuries to improving mental health and reducing blood pressure. These classes have been developed with more mature people in mind to create free spirited fun, with lots of singing and movement.”

Following the initial pilot of the scheme, residents will have the chance to feedback and help form a final version of the programme.  Based on the feedback, FirstPort will look to widen the scope of the classes and offer it up across the wider retirement portfolio operated UK wide by FirstPort.

Participating developments in the scheme are: Ridings Court, Reigate, Surrey; Churchfield Court, Reigate, Surrey; Linters Court, Redhill, Surrey and The Vineries, Hove.

The Vineries, Hove

Linters Court, Redhill, Surrey




About Music and Dance Academy

The Music and Dance Academy came about from a desire to offer music and dance in a free spirited way to suit all children from birth to 5 years and has been a successful business operating since 2004.  The foundation program is designed from the EYFS providing educational benefits supporting the children’s learning through the Academy’s unique music and dance offering. This inspirational and successful program has now evolved and expanded into the creation of the new ‘Movers and Groovers’ initiative, a bespoke programme to suit the more mature generation. The aim of this program is to encourage socialising as well as keep the brain and body active through fun music and movement session. The approach is funky, energetic and fun and offer a mix of movement features alongside more static activities and games. Each session is different and based on a variety of genres or style of dance which are easy adaptable to suit all individual needs, ability and preference. Above all the desire is for people to move and ‘grove’,  have fun and smile.