FirstPort is making sure that valuable insight from customers is never lost, by pioneering a pilot programme to obtain real-time customer feedback, and respond to it immediately.

The pilot, which is in partnership with Bright UK, will give around 1,200 customers, picked at random each month, the opportunity to complete a short survey after a call with FirstPort’s customer service team to rate the service they have just received and leave verbatim comments. The information will then be sent to the relevant customer service advisor’s Dashboard within minutes, with any negative comments or low ratings being automatically escalated and addressed within 30 minutes and the customer contacted to discuss a resolution.

Customers will be asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1-5 on topics such as the clarity of the call and how knowledgeable and empathetic the customer service advisor was. They will also have the opportunity to leave general comments about FirstPort as a business, which will be transcribed to text in real-time and will allow comprehensive analysis on customers’ views to drive their Customer Experience Strategy.

The intention of using real-time feedback is to create a self-correcting, customer focused environment, allowing employees to track their personal feedback and enabling FirstPort to ‘close the loop’ and act upon customers’ feedback quickly.

Matthew Cook, Head of Customer Support at FirstPort, said: “Having robust customer feedback is the single biggest driver to improving the service we offer our customers and engaging our employees. We’re hoping to drive the positive feedback directly to staff to ensure we continue to do the things our customers like about us and celebrate our employees’ success, and, of course, we’ll also be responding proactively to any issues.”

“Being able to benchmark our service against other UK businesses will be particularly important, helping us to drive improvements that ensure we’re leading the field in our sector.”