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FirstPort Digital Eagles

Residents across all of UK properties are set to benefit from the digital initiative we’ve launched, following in the footsteps of Barclays Digital Eagles.

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We are the first organisation outside of Barclays to adopt its Digital Eagles programme, which is all about strengthening digital awareness and confidence as digital knowledge, training and support are shared across communities.

There will initially be 10 FirstPort Digital Eagles given a six-month secondment from their day jobs and assigned a Barclays Digital Eagle buddy to help them in their task.

The launch of our digital eagles initiative, and seeing our Eagles take flight!

We launched the FirstPort Digital Eagles initiative on 6 June 2016 at Barclays HQ, which was a great opportunity for Barclays and FirstPort to come together and share experiences and plan for the exciting journey ahead.


Ambitious plans

Using our scale as the largest Property Manager in the UK, we have the potential to reach a huge number of people. Our 4,000 colleagues, the residents in the 290,000 homes that we care for, and thousands of suppliers we work with. Some areas the initiative will cover include:

  • Staff: Our staff will mentor their peers, enabling them to support each other and their residents in improving their digital skills. We’ve recruited 10 of our own Digital Eagles to support and assist colleagues and residents to get connected and improve their digital skills.
  • Bright young residents: We are set to develop ‘code playgrounds’ (a concept first introduced by Barclays) which are interactive workshops designed to teach the new generation vital coding skills to help bridge the digital skills gap.
  • Creative and entrepreneurial residents: We will look to set up workspaces with the latest digital equipment within developments to give residents with creative or entrepreneurial endeavours the spaces and tools to help them create and grow their digital ventures.
  • Retired residents: Our Digital Eagles will tackle head on the issues of digital exclusion and isolation among the older generation by supporting residents over 55 years of age living in one of our specialist retirement properties to increase their digital know-how.
  • Contractors and suppliers: The programme will enable us to work with partners to drive forward digital innovation in property management, as part of the growing ‘prop-tech’ sector, which could revolutionise how we work with contractors, for the benefit of residents.

Our FirstPort digital eagles learning to fly

The launch of our new Digital Eagles initiative was an amazing experience. Hear the thoughts of Steven Roberts, Director of Strategic Transformation at Barclays, FirstPort CEO, Nigel Howell and CFO, Ouda Saleh captured at Barclays Canary Wharf headquarters.

Supporting our residents to embrace a digitally-savvy future

Muriel Bright, aged 91, lives in St Edmunds Court in Leeds and up until a year ago had never ventured online. Muriel said: “My Development Manager was amazing at holding my hand and opening up all that the wonderful online world has to offer. I regularly share emails, swapping photo and videos, with relatives home and abroad which is a great way of keep up to date with each other’s lives. I think my family thought I was too old to take to it and I wanted to prove them wrong, which I certainly have.”