FirstPort Charity Partnership - Emmaus

This year we thought how powerful would it be to channel everyone’s efforts – including those of our  our clients, customers, residents and contractors - towards helping one selected charity partner.  The collective outcome could be immense and make a real difference to our selected partner.

We are delighted to be an official partner to a pioneering charity called Emmaus. We will be working with them to help them move closer towards their aim - ending homelessness.

So why Emmaus?

Thinking of our values and what we as a business stand for, there have been several criteria we wanted a charity partner to mirror namely: 

  • having something to do with ‘home’ - after all that is at the heart of everything we do
  • being a nationwide cause - as we reach all parts of the UK, so did we want our charity partner to do so 
  • to touch all age groups – our residents span all age ranges and we truly touch people in all stages of their lives
  • to be the right size organisation for our input make a really meaningful difference 
  • to have multiple ways getting involved – we want our partnership to go so much further than just fundraising which is a given and are looking at how else we can support this brilliant initiative

What’s Emmaus all about?

This fantastic charity is different to others – it doesn’t simply offer one night’s reprieve from being homeless, it offers a long term solution to those needing to rebuild their lives for a wide variety of reasons. It’s not about offering handouts, but is based on the premise that there is always someone worse off than you.

Simon Grainge, Emmaus’ Chief Executive says, “In all of our Emmaus communities, people come in when they think they have nothing to offer and they are just looking for help. But in reality we say to them – no, look, you can come in and help us to help others who are worse off than you. Maybe for the first time ever they are given something to do and they realise they are not a worthless individual and they can give something back to society.” 

Emmaus supports people who have experienced homelessness by providing them with a home and meaningful work in a community setting. The first Emmaus community opened in 1992 in a couple of barns in a muddy Cambridge field and there are now 28 communities spread across the UK. The charity currently supports around 673 formerly homeless people in the country and has supported a massive 11,000 since its beginnings 25 years ago. Emmaus plan to increase the numbers in their communities to 1,000 places by 2020.  

And we want to help them do it!

Want to get involved?

If you would like to offer your support or suggest ideas or ways to get involved, please contact our communications team via – or go to the following Virgin Giving page to pledge a donation -

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to offer this very worthy charity.