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// Your FirstPort Team

CEO Nigel Howell wants you to join FirstPort


Whatever stage you are in your career search and wherever you are, I’d like to take just a couple of minutes of your time to set out the reasons why I believe you will like the opportunity here more than anywhere else.

Growth and opportunity culture

The biggest and simplest reason for you to choose us is that FirstPort is on the up ! – we’re growing and that means more opportunity for our people. If you want to get new skills and progress your career, then the support here is genuine and practical. We want you to develop in order to help achieve our business goals – its so simple. We value hard work and commitment – and in return we offer growth and opportunity.

A good place to work

Personally, it is of fundamental importance to me that everyone in our business feels comfortable in an inclusive work environment so that they can really do their best and thrive. These are not just words – it is very much my personal commitment. I think it is so exciting to be in a company where the ideas of diversity, decency and inclusion can be seen in practice, helping people to achieve great things for themselves – and making the business a stronger and better place. We work, we learn and we look to improve – there’s no complacency in what I’ve said here. But there is a genuine commitment and a reality that you can see all around you when you join. I think you will feel it!

A long professional career can start with no experience

Really high standards of professionalism are what we aim at and achieve. Our teams get recognition and satisfaction, not just for doing a job but for doing it really well, thinking about it, improving the way things are done and resetting the standards – for a whole industry.

And… the very big ‘and’ I want you to realise is that you can join FirstPort as an apprentice, graduate or at any stage in your career, with no relevant experience and build the professional skills and a career that can take you all the way to the senior roles. That’s a reality here. We are looking for capable and motivated people. When the fit is right, the sky is the limit at FirstPort.

It’s about People

Finally, our whole business depends on our people. My job is to set them up with the digital tools and systems and the culture they want – so they can succeed. And that’s my commitment to you. I’m working hard to set you up to succeed. Our business success depends on human, personal stories of everyday success and satisfaction of colleagues, customers and clients . So I’d like you to consider us – and I’d love you to join us. I want to show you how your career can do what you want it to do – at FirstPort.

Are you ready to join FirstPort? You can search for our latest jobs in your area and across the UK today – click here to search jobs.

Welcome and I look forward to seeing you.

Nigel Howell

CEO at FirstPort