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Inspirational leader appointed as Essex ambassador for women’s leasehold networking group

An inspirational leader within The FirstPort Group, Katie Mayhew, has been appointed as the Essex ambassador for the women in leasehold networking group, Doyenne. 

The group, which is the leasehold industry’s first women’s networking organisation, holds regular meetings for its members, providing a platform for open communication around gender equality whilst connecting, supporting, and inspiring women in the leasehold sector. 

Katie, who has a decade of experience in property management and is currently a Client Relationship Manager at The FirstPort Group, joined as a second Essex Ambassador in June as the networking group continues to expand in the area.

Katie highlighted the importance of the group, explaining:

“It’s a great supportive environment to be in with these women and it’s nice to see that, as women in the industry, we’ve got a collective voice.  

“The property industry in general has always been quite male-dominated. So, it’s nice to see all of these women who are in those senior positions and have a voice in the industry. I think we just need to continue to expand that and reach more women in the industry and I hope I can do that in my role as an ambassador.” 

Katie also spoke about the value of the group’s monthly webinars, which address various issues affecting women in the industry and provide a platform for shared learning and discussion.  

She added: “Monthly networking events provide a great opportunity to discuss matters impacting women in the industry, flagging trends and issues and learning from each other.  Lone working for women in the industry is an example of an interesting topic we recently tackled, which stimulated a good debate on the measures needed to improve safety.” 

With her extensive background in property management, Katie has been instrumental in mentoring new property managers and creating a supportive environment for women. She explained: “Over the years I have had the privilege of managing many new property managers and fostering a supportive environment for women in our sector.  

“I have also been fortunate to benefit from strong mentorship and have been encouraged to have a professional voice in the sector. I am honoured to be part of this community and I look forward to contributing to its growth and success.” 

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