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Jamie – Property Manager and FirstPort Everyday Hero

We love to hear how our Property and Development Managers go above and beyond to make sure our residents feel safe and comfortable. They are our Everyday Heroes as well as yours.

His residents and colleagues know Property Manager and Everyday Hero Jamie, as the ‘go-to-guy’. He is always there to lend a hand and to make sure his residents are taken care of, but he’s also the person you’d want by your side at a time of crisis, with his calming presence and professionalism.

Not your typical crisis

On a rainy day in spring, Jamie was enjoying his day off. Even when he’s not officially on duty, Jamie always makes himself available by phone in case his residents need him.

It was a good job Jamie was available, because he received an unusual phone call telling him that a resident at one of his developments had accidentally driven his car through the main entrance hallway wall causing significant damage to the building.

“I was thirty miles away, but I made my way there as quickly as possible,” says Jamie. “It wasn’t your run-of-the-mill issue and I was worried about the safety of my residents – they always come first. I was also mindful that they may be shocked to see the damage.”

Quick reaction

On the way to the development, Jamie called his Regional Manager to discuss a relief recovery plan. He hadn’t even reached the development, yet he already had the surveyors and structural engineers on their way to help with the crisis.

When Jamie arrived on site, he found out that the resident who accidentally drove his car into the wall was thankfully uninjured, but understandably shaken and dazed. Jamie calmed him down and ensured his family was aware to allow them to take him to the local hospital to be checked over.

Of course, the incident didn’t go unnoticed by other residents.  Jamie’s excellent relationship with his residents was truly valuable in this situation. He was able to prevent panic and alarm about the incident from the outset. He immediately gathered everyone and reassured them that the damage was being reviewed and that he would personally coordinate all actions.

Full service response

Jamie knew exactly how to coordinate the response and involved the relevant support services, including FirstPort’s Health and Safety team, the insurers and the range of contractors needed. He also arranged for structural equipment to be constructed to protect the building and prevent any further damage, and he had everything bordered up, cleaned and checked thoroughly by 8pm that evening.

Jamie concludes: “Key for me was making sure that residents experienced as little disruption as possible and felt properly informed about how we were going to fix the damage and make sure the building remained structurally safe in the process…

…In those first few hours, I didn’t leave the development until I was 100% sure that the building and my residents were safe. I then continued to send regular updates until the development was back to normal”.

One resident said, “Jamie led the situation with great empathy and skill. He showed care and concern for the resident and also minimised the anxiety of other residents by responding to the situation calmly and swiftly”.

Well done, Jamie!

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