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How can I get a Management Information pack?

Buying & selling your home

1. What is a Management information pack and why do I need one?

Once you have agreed to sell your property and have instructed a Solicitor to represent you, we can provide you with a Management Information pack. Our Management Information packs provide a comprehensive guide to the property that is being sold and includes the Law Society’s Leasehold Property enquiry form (LPE1) or the Freehold Management Enquiries form (FME1).

We understand that the selling and buying of property is a stressful time and we strive to ensure that we provide the information that you require in a timely manner. We have dedicated administration teams that will assist your Solicitor in order to provide all of the information/documentation required as part of the sale process. Please see below table highlighting what information we contain in the Management Information pack as well as our fee for providing this information.

What is included in the pack?


  • LPE1/FME1 Form (Leasehold Property Enquiries Form/Freehold Management Enquiries)
  • Statement of Account
  • Estimate/Budget for Current year
  • Last 3 years’ audited accounts
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Health & Safety Report
  • Asbestos Report
  • Insurance Certificate (building)
  • Insurance Certificate (Terrorism)
  • Major Works information
  • Completions information sheet
  • Welcome pack

*Documents included if available or relevant to the property in question

£324 including VAT

2. How to obtain a Management Information pack?

We receive a high volume of requests for Management Information packs so we ask that to help us to be able to respond to requests in a timely manner that the below process is followed.

For Management Information pack requests please email our Property Transfer Department using the following email addresses. If you live in a retirement property please ask your solicitor to contact the Property Transfer department at; for non-retirement properties please ask your solicitor to contact the Property Transfer department at

3. What's the process for obtaining a Management Information Pack?

We will provide the information pack to the Seller’s Solicitor upon the sale of the property. Please follow the steps in order below:

  1.  Once a sale has been agreed and a Solicitor appointed, ask your Solicitor to contact us at the above email addresses to start the process of obtaining the pack
  2. We will email your Solicitor as soon as possible, but within 3-5 days upon receipt of the email stating what information we require from them along with our unique reference and payment information
  3. Once payment for the pack has been received by the Property Transfer Department along with all requested documents, we will begin to compile the Management Information pack
  4. Once compiled, we will send the Management Information pack to your Solicitor along with details of requirements and process for when the sale is ready to complete. We endeavour to provide the Management Information Pack asap but normally within 10 working days of receipt of payment

4. Contact us for information about the Management Information pack.

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