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Fire safety advice – Coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus, we’re all at home much more than usual.  And according to the National Fire Chiefs Council, firefighters are called to a greater number of domestic fires at times when more people are at home – for instance, evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

As we’re all likely to be cooking, using our heating and our electrical appliances much more around our homes at the moment, we wanted to share some advice which may help you to minimise the risk of a fire:

Fire safety in your development:

  • Please make sure that fire exits are kept clear, and items aren’t left in stairwells or corridors
  • Please place all rubbish in bins, and don’t leave any refuse or other potentially flammable material in communal areas

Fire safety in your home:

  • Make sure you’re familiar with the evacuation procedure for your building
  • Make sure there are smoke detectors inside your home, and regularly check that they’re still working
  • Please don’t leave any combustible items on your balcony
  • Please remember that you shouldn’t use BBQ’s or patio heaters on your balcony


  • Try not to leave cooking unattended
  • Take extra care when cooking with hot fat or oil
  • Keep children away from any cooking appliances


  • Try to keep to one plug per socket, especially for high powered appliances like washing machines
  • Avoid non-manufacturer branded chargers for items that use lithium batteries
  • Don’t leave phones or laptops plugged in to charge overnight


  • Make sure candles are secured in a proper holder and away from materials that may catch fire, like curtains
  • Put candles out when you leave the room, and make sure they’re completely out at night
  • Keep candles, as well as matches and lighters, out of reach of children


  • When you finish a cigarette, make sure it is completely put out
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