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No-profit promise for work relating to the Government’s non-ACM cladding remediation works

We’ve recently announced a Building Safety Fund Promise, committing to only recovering costs for coordinating work to remove non-ACM cladding on our managed buildings as part of the Government-funded non-ACM cladding remediation works.  

 As the UK’s leading residential property service provider, we’re the first in the sector to commit to making no profit from such works.  

 As property manager to 290,000 homes in England, Wales, and Scotland, across 5,000 developments, we’re often on the frontline of support for our customers living in buildings impacted by cladding systems that don’t meet the current safety standards. Its role is to work with all stakeholders involved to coordinate customers’ homes through the Government’s Building Safety Fund for buildings over 18 metres and the work to make right the non-ACM cladding systems on these properties. 

In August 2019 we established a dedicated Building Safety team. This team, along with FirstPort’s operational teams, have been working with residents and leaseholders, resident management companies, freeholders and developers to help ensure their customers’ homes are made safe and remediated in line with the latest safety standards.  

 David Young, Chief Operating Officer at FirstPort says:  

 “As property managers we understand what a huge impact the cladding crisis is having on our customers – the homeowners and residents living in these buildings are facing significant uncertainty.  

“We put health and safety first in everything we do, and we are committed to helping our customers caught up in this crisis to make their buildings safe again. While we haven’t designed or built the properties we manage, and we don’t own them either, we want to do everything we can to help our customers through these unprecedented circumstances.  

“In light of this national crisis facing thousands of homeowners, we at FirstPort believe it’s only right that we should not make a profit on our part in the process coordinating remediation of our customers’ homes through the Government’s non-ACM Building Safety Fund for buildings over 18 metres. 

“Unravelling this situation and bringing the housing stock up to these newest standards is extremely complex and, sadly, we will all be living with these remediation issues for many years to come due to the scale of the challenge. For property managers, having a team with the expertise to help homeowners navigate the various safety, financial, technical, and communication issues this will entail remains key.”