The maintenance and repair of a building’s lift is one of the most important tasks we undertake, particularly on our retirement developments.  We are responsible for over 2,500 lifts across the UK. In our drive to improve our service standards and deliver value for money, our procurement team, together with a specialist lift consultant (ILECS), selected three lift maintenance suppliers in March 2014 following a comprehensive tendering process.

Contracts were awarded to:
-Pickerings Lifts

The lift contracts are fully comprehensive and include parts and four service visits per year for lifts and a twice year service for stairlifts in retirement developments. 

Other lift contractors may be used – for example, new build developments can have a maintenance contract with a lift company chosen by the developer. In general these contracts typically are for three to five years, and are thereafter reviewed against our central contracts to deliver the best value for money.

How we manage lift outages on our retirement developments?

If a major lift component fails in a retirement development, such as a drive motor, a replacement is sourced and installed as quickly as possible.  The welfare and well-being of our residents is always our most important concern.
The onsite Development Manager will keep residents fully informed throughout a lift outage and help those residents who rely heavily on the lift with shopping and day-to-day tasks.