How to make a payment

I prefer to pay online

Your Property Online - Access property management information 24/7

We call it YPO for short.  It’s free, quick and easy.  We know that time is precious, so why not let YPO help make things so much easier for you and for all your property needs. It only takes a few clicks to set-up and you’ll be able access a range of features and benefits across all devices.

Here are the benefits of YPO:

  • You can receive email updates regarding major works, repairs and maintenance on your development.
  • Easy links to all the relevant documentation you need.
  • There’s the option to receive bills and statements online rather than by post and make secure payments quickly and easily.
  • Have your say - provide feedback and ratings on our supplier/contractor performance.
  • We’ll keep you in the loop on all you need to know about your development.
  • Our online contact form is simple and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. We’re also on the end of the phone should you need us

E-billing - sounds good to me

YPO contains an e-billing service for customers who prefer to receive bills and statements online. You can also make secure payments quickly and easily.

If you create a new YPO account, you will automatically be opted-in to receive our e-billing service for easy payment.

If you are already a YPO account holder but not an e-billing customer, please follow the simple steps below to subscribe to this service

How to activate our e-billing service:

  1. Visit Your Property Online
  2. Login as normal, using your email address and password (use the 'forgotten password' link if required)
  3. Click on the 'My Profile' heading from the top navigation
  4. Go to the ‘Paperless Billing’ section and click to view more information
  5. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the box
  6. Click on 'Please sign me up' at the bottom of the page

You’re all done!  Thank you for helping us reduce our paper usage. We’ll then simply send you an email to let you know when your next bill is available to view and provide a simple process to make your payment.

If you prefer to make telephone payments by debit or credit card 

Just call the necessary 24 hour automated payment number below (Scotland calls will be answered personally), respective to which FirstPort business you need to contact, to arrange a payment by credit or debit card. We accept most debit and credit cards and we will be happy to help you.

    - FirstPort Retirement Property Services - Tel: 0333 321 4079

    - FirstPort Property Services Scotland - Tel: 0333 321 4077 (9am-5pm only)

    - FirstPort Property Services - Tel: 0333 321 4080

    - FirstPort Bespoke Property Services - Tel: 0333 321 4045

How to make a Bank transfer to the development account
Please call the numbers below to find out how to pay by bank transfer direct into the bank account for the development.

    - FirstPort Retirement Property Services - Tel: 0333 321 4051

    - FirstPort Property Services Scotland - Tel: 0333 321 4077

    - FirstPort Property Services - Tel: 0333 321 4080

    - FirstPort Bespoke Property Services - Tel: 0333 321 4045

How to make Direct debit arrangements
Depending on the terms of your lease or transfer document, you may be able to spread your costs by paying by direct debit. If you’d like to set up a direct debit arrangement, just call the customer services team of the FirstPort company that manages your development.

How to make Cheque payments
Please make cheques payable to the relevant FirstPort company name and send to the address quoted on your invoice.

What happens regarding late payments
It is important that you pay your account on time. Late payments have a huge impact on levels of service and maintenance we can provide and ultimately affects your development and your neighbours. If you’re having problems paying your account, contact us. We will be able to help.

We also provide more information and details of organisations that can aid you if you have problem paying your Service charge.

Our policy on late payment is:
A first reminder will be sent to you in writing if an invoice remains unpaid after the due date.

If we haven’t received payment, a second reminder letter will be sent. A £60 late payment fee will be charged
to cover administration costs. Interest may also be charged to your account.

Finally, a third letter will be sent 7 days after the second reminder. This will confirm that we are passing your
account to independent solicitors or debt collection agency and will include a further £60 charge to cover the legal
review of your account.