Residential property management built around your development. We’ll work with you to manage:

  • Developments with a wide range of communal facilities and plant
  • Seamless property management mobilisation on new or existing developments
  • On-site staffing, concierge services, HR and IT systems
  • Health & Safety
  • Large residential estates with freehold properties
  • End-to-end service charge modelling
  • Section 106 obligations plus sustainability and green factors.

We also add value to the development process by highlighting any potential design issues that may hinder effective future property management for your leasehold/freehold customers, such as:

  • Resident and visitor parking
  • Lift and gate specification
  • Refuse collection, waste management and recycling strategies
  • Biomass heating
  • Combined heat power (CHP) systems.

Working closely with your sales and marketing teams, our residential property management experts will ensure that future property owners have an accurate picture of the services available on the development - and a clear idea of the annual service charge budget. 

We also liaise with your site manager to help assist with a smooth transition from practical completion to full property management control. Our seamless mobilisation processes leave nothing to chance.

Beyond the operational components that make a development work effortlessly is how you include and communicate with the intended mix of occupants. We’ll work with you to design the most appropriate comms programme – whether across social media, face-to-face forums, newsletters and site manager surgeries – that will keep residents and RMCs on-side and always in the picture.

Like to explore more?

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