Residential property management that maximises your return

Importantly, we want to make life easy for you so a partnership with FirstPort will always deliver exceptional account management and real-time reporting. Backed by seamless mobilisation, experienced teams and the highest property management standards, quality underpins everything we do. Our supply chain and procurement teams understand and are adept at delivering effective residential property management solutions that deliver high performance and tangible savings.
At FirstPort, we take the long view. We design residential property management strategies for the entire development lifecycle, typically planning programmes that run for 20 years and beyond.

Beyond operational and physical factors, there’s a range of technical administration issues we can address that will ensure your development runs smoothly. 

  • Leases: we’ll review the leases and work with your legal teams to ensure a uniform approach to service charges, repair and residential property maintenance obligations, covenants and areas like sub-letting and noise.
  • Compliance: we’ll advise on the increasing level of statutory and regulatory obligations, from Health & Safety, landlord and tenant legislation to trust fund law and post-completion handover compliance.
  • Insurance: risk identification and management is critical to managing your business exposures and our in-house insurance brokerage will be able to define and place the cover that’s right for you.
  • Ownership and exit: ensuring you have the right ownership structures in place that match the needs and expectations of your business.

Like to explore more?

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