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03. How we support Resident Management Companies (RMCs)

We know how important it is for you to have an input in the way your development is cared for, and we believe in working closely with RMCs to ensure their developments thrive today and prosper tomorrow.

The Property Management Explained Series

We’ve created ‘Property Management Explained’, a series of videos and fact sheets to help you understand what we do as a property manager.

In our third topic, we look at our specific role in supporting those appointed to look after their development. From explaining the purpose of Resident Management Companies, to how we support RMC Directors on a daily basis. Watch the video below to find out more.

Resident Management Companies

A Resident Management Company (RMC) is often set up to support the interests of those who share private communal areas with their neighbours and to give residents more say in how their development is cared for. This is usually set up by the original developer of the building or estate and consists of equal members or shareholders, who are typically homeowners in the development.

The management and maintenance of the building and common areas, as well as compliance with the obligations of the deeds or lease for each home, is the responsibility of the RMC. They’ll also look after a range of statutory requirements, for example following changes in health and safety legislation.

Appointing a professional property manager, such as ourselves, can help the RMC successfully look after their development. It’s a complex role that requires knowledge of landlord and tenant law, building construction, health and safety regulations, basic accounting and more. That’s why many RMCs appoint a property manager, as they can help the Directors understand and meet these requirements.

Why trust us 

We have over 40 years’ experience looking after communal developments of every shape and size, so we know what it takes to get things right.

With over 1,000 resident managed developments in our care, we understand the responsibilities and complexities that property management creates for RMC Directors. Appointing us provides the peace of mind that all the admin for the development is looked after, as well as deliver value for money on large spends.

Download our fact sheet

To find out more about how we support RMCs download our fact sheet.