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Residential Property Management

We provide a full range of residential property management services for properties spanning the entire residential sector – from housing estates and blocks of flats, to complex multi-amenity residential developments. 

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Our services range from practical advice and guidance to hands-on block management support, ensuring operational excellence now and always.

What is a residential property manager?

A residential property manager (or ‘managing agent’) is involved in both preserving and enhancing the operational success of residential real estate – be it a standalone dwelling or a multi-block estate.

As well as managing day-to-day operations and ensuring that all indoor and outdoor communal facilities and amenities are in good working order, a residential property manager must also identify ongoing opportunities for improvement as well as ensuring building safety and sound financing.

Our residential property management services

We understand how buildings work and what makes the communities within them flourish.

It’s our job to make sure that the homes we manage are safe, clean and comfortable for residents. We take pride in making sure the properties in our care are managed safely and are looked after to consistently high standards. For developments with Residents’ Management Companies (RMCs) and Right To Manage Companies (RTMs) in place, we provide additional support to help Resident Directors make sure they’re fulfilling their duties and obligations, while also ensuring their community is a great place to live.

Ultimately, our mission is to improve the lives of residents in properties of all shapes and sizes and to create safe, sustainable, and well-managed environments that will thrive for decades to come.

Our residential property management services include:

  • Arranging periodic health and safety and fire risk assessments of the communal areas and arranging any follow-up work which are required.
  • Liaising with internal and external contractors to ensure timely communications are distributed.
  • Providing management information to our customers.
  • Keeping in touch with individual customers on management correspondence.
  • Provision of our customer service team to deal with all customer enquiries.
  • Providing access to ‘My Home’; our online customer account tool.
  • Preparing specifications for works (such as cleaning, window cleaning and gardening) and arranging to tender for, and administering of, maintenance contracts).
  • Conducting property inspections, general visits and dealing with matters that arise.
  • Arranging for ad-hoc repairs and managing contractor/supplier performance.
  • Employing and working with specialist advisors such as building surveyors or structural engineers
  • Providing an out of hours duty Development/Property Manager, 365 days per year.
  • Managing, developing and administration of on-site staff (where appropriate).
  • Regulatory compliance in-line with industry guidelines.
  • Placing insurance claims with the relevant broker (communal claims).
  • Administering public liability insurance and provision of professional indemnity insurance.
  • Reviewing and arranging works resulting from the risk assessments taken.
  • Liaising with third parties, such as local authorities, fire safety officers, neighbouring property owners, developers and community groups.

We chose FirstPort to be our strategic operating partner because of their scale and capability. Nobody else within this market has 3,200 staff managing 196,000 homes. These strengths mean that, in our view, FirstPort is the right organisation to work with to realise our vision - delivering an exemplary level of service at a competitive and predictable level of cost.

Mark Connors – Managing Director, Linden Homes East Yorkshire

Let us be your first port of call

With more than 40 years’ experience delivering residential property management services across the UK, we truly understand the importance of the sound management of residential real estate. That’s why everything our property managers do – be it hands-on management or consultancy advice – is geared towards identifying opportunities and improving operational success, and making sure our customers’ home environments are well cared for and their communities are great places to live.

Our friendly, professional, and highly experienced property management teams are supported by specialist in-house teams, who cover health and safety, major works, surveying, procurement, finance, legal, insurance, HR and compliance – giving you the full benefit of our broad expertise in residential property management.

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