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Scotland Property Factor

FirstPort Property Services Scotland is part of the UK’s premier property management group and we manage over 11,000 properties across 200 residential developments on this side of the border.

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What is a property factor? 

In Scotland, property factors (also referred to as Property Managers) act on behalf of the owner (or group of owners) to oversee the maintenance and repairs of communal spaces in a block of flats or a shared building. They make sure that these areas are clean, safe and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.  

They must be listed on the property factors register, to comply with the Property Factors Scotland Act 2011 

Duties of a property factor 

Property factors must adhere to a strict code of conduct that outlines their essential duties, ensuring that your property’s needs are met with the utmost professionalism. These responsibilities include: 

  • Organising maintenance and repairs.  
  • Managing insurance coverage. 
  • Collecting and managing service charges. 
  • Resolving disputes. 
  • Ensuring all actions comply with current laws and regulations.  

Our dedicated team is backed up by in-house specialist support, including accounting, health and safety and surveying, to keep your home secure and in the best condition, so that you can have peace of mind. 

In the following video, we explain our role as a property factor. 

Who uses a property factor? 

The use of a property factor is essential for certain homeowners, particularly if it’s outlined in their property title. Developers often opt to appoint a property factor for their new build projects to set a standard for care and maintenance from the outset. Similarly, councils or housing associations often utilise the services of a property factor for their estates.   

Homeowners want a property factor that ensures their property is well maintained and properly looked after; safe in the knowledge that the money they pay towards maintenance is spent wisely. At FirstPort, we work every day to deliver the highest standards of customer service, always listening to our resident’s opinions and needs.  

How do I change property factor? 

When buying your home, you may not have had a say in who the property factor is, and you may be unaware of what they do and why. If you’re not satisfied with the service you’re receiving, it is possible to change property factor, as we explain in the following video: 

Working with home builders and developers 

We create bespoke solutions for developers and home builders that maximise asset performance. We’ll work with you to manage: 

  • Developments with a wide range of communal facilities and plants such as lifts, gardens, entry/security gates, water pumps, heating boilers and entry systems
  • All elements of development health and safety
  • Service charge modelling across mechanical and electrical equipment, infrastructure, fixtures and fittings, redecoration, utilities and communications, grounds, operating costs, staffing and phasing
  • All your legal obligations, including those relating to sustainability and the environment

In short, FirstPort Property Services Scotland is a direct extension of your own team. We can also add further value to your development by assisting with design, sustainability, feasibility and usability, no matter the size, nature or location. 

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