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Fire Safety on Balconies

In spite of the hot weather please don’t be tempted to have a barbeque on your balcony. The fire risks are just not worth it.

This is especially true on those buildings with timber facades. As well as the fire risk, smoke rises so anyone on a higher floor may also be exposed to poisonous fumes from your barbeque.

The government has published specific advice about the fire risks associated with timber balconies and the steps residents can take to minimise these risks. Click here to access this advice.

It’s also important to note that many leases specify that you can’t use a barbeque on your balcony. This means that having a barbeque on your balcony could be classed as a breach of the lease, which invalidates the owner’s insurance and could lead to formal legal action.

The government has also advised that residents should avoid storing combustible materials like cardboard boxes, paperwork, soft furnishings etc. on balconies because these can all help fires spread rapidly. Smoking should also be avoided on balconies.

Keep yourself and those around you safe this summer by keeping barbeques away from your balcony or any other confined space.

If you need any further guidance or have any questions please talk to your Development Manager or Property Manager.

Stay safe this summer.