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Meet Sophie McEvoy: Customer Service Excellence Manager

Now is a very positive time to join us. There’s such a strong sense of growth in the air – good things happening.

If your home is managed by FirstPort then I want you to feel everything runs smoothly. If there’s any kind of problem then the right people and resources are brought to it and the problem is solved. I’m in customer services – I like the work – and the fact that you can make a difference from the very start.

In three years in customer services roles, I’ve been promoted a number of times. Basically, I’m interested in the ways we can make things easier and smoother, Provide better information and think about things from our customer’s point of view.

We’re also trying to make it a lot easier for customers to be self sufficient – so they can do things and sort things themselves – when they want to. It’s a big change – making customer service in this industry as good as any in the world. We set big targets and there’s a lot to do!

There’s no hot air here – the new IT systems we’re introducing are ahead of anyone else in the industry. They are transforming what we can do for customers. In my area – for example – we have dramatically reduced complaints.

There’s a powerful sense that we are moving forward and quite quickly. When I joined, I made it clear I was up for getting more experience and knowledge – the more the better ! Doing that at FirstPort gets you an immediate positive reaction. You get opportunity, you get support to learn and if you roll your sleeves up, then you get results.

I’ve been involved in cross-disciplinary teams that have designed, tested, introduced and trouble shot new systems. This is a place which is leading its whole industry by using technology and data systems to transform the whole customer experience. As part of that we have had stresses along the way – I wouldn’t hide that. But we’ve worked hard, we’ve learned and we’ve overcome challenges. You don’t work on your own here and commitment gets recognition.

To get real satisfaction in customer services I think you need a sense that you are really making things better and not just firefighting and applying sticking plasters all day! We are very clearly on a journey. Now is a very positive time to join us. There’s such a strong sense of growth in the air – good things happening.’

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