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Remote Hiring and On-Boarding

Now more than ever it has been key for us to have appropriate plans in place for the recruitment of great talent. With the demand for virtual recruitment increasing exponentially, we have adapted to the ever changing recruitment market and put in place video interviews and remote interdepartmental on-boarding plans with a “buddying” system, to ensure our new colleagues are fully inducted and equipped to do their role.

Since the start of lockdown we have welcomed 172 new colleagues at FirstPort across various business disciplines.

This is what some of our new colleagues had to say about their journey with us so far…

Zara Taylor, Assistant Service Charge Accounting Manager
“3 months ago, I started my new challenge and started my new job role from home. It was very daunting, not only to be leaving a company and my old team/friends who I loved. Starting a new role without being able to physically meet anyone, just a computer screen and me! I had to start my journey virtually, those who know me know I am a bubbly person who loves the social interaction of an office. I would rather face to face conversation than send an email. To this day I still haven’t met anyone in person, I’ve had to learn new systems (still learning!), new processes and try to lead a team that have only met me virtually! Despite all this, I have a great team and we have amazing values. We have all had to adapt to the new way of working and the team are doing amazing. I love my new role and I have properly spoken to everyone more than I would’ve done if I was in the office on a daily basis. I have already made some great relationships between different departments and everything is improving on a daily basis! I don’t think things will ever go back to “normal” and being in the office 9-5 everyday, but I am looking forward to what the next 3 months brings and finally meeting my new colleagues.”

Renée Drummond, Property Manager
“I’m quite a tech person, therefore the onboarding process was fine for me. Coming from a company where we did a lot of manual labour for things like invoicing and having no Customer Care, FirstPort is a breath of fresh air. I had so many different people from various departments call me and check everything was ok, if I was finding it ok. I think I noticed it more than a usual company because everyone’s there, they may ask you, but you don’t really take note of it. However, it really resonated with me and felt personal, maybe because it was a phone call and it must mean they’ve taken time out of their day for you right? Instead of standing in the kitchen asking you how you’re finding it? Even though I haven’t met most of my team, I’d say I have a bond with at least 3 people at FirstPort, just because of how friendly they all are and willing to assist. Personally, if anyone is looking to make a career move during Covid-19, FirstPort is definitely the place to do it. You will get so much support, and the process was streamlined and seamless. Particularly because my division never worked from an office anyway, so they are more equipped for something like this.”

Stuart Styles BSc(Hons) Assoc RICS MIRPM, Property Manager
“I joined FirstPort in early May; during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and have therefore had to train and learn the FirstPort way remotely. I initially wasn’t sure how this would work but knew that we were all in this together.
From the very start I have been impressed with the organisation and coordination of all teams and departments. I was in receipt of all my IT equipment (phone, laptop, chargers etc.) before I had even officially started my role, making the start as seamless as possible. My manager and my assigned ‘buddy’ were very prepared from the onset and have been very helpful and supportive, holding regular telephone or TEAMS calls with me, checking-in with me and assisting me with training on various systems and procedures over a pre-diarised schedule; a schedule that has not been rushed and has been set to help me absorb all of the information fully and setting me up for success. Further to the training and advice from my immediate line manager and ‘buddy’ other colleagues in my immediate team and other varying departments have all kindly and willingly provided friendly and informative training on various functions, systems and roles. Whilst there may be some challenges with being unable to ‘pop over’ discuss issues quickly with different teams; All colleagues that I have met have been friendly and willing to support in all queries that I have raised, regardless of how trivial they may have been! I do feel lucky to have joined such a structured and supportive company and have never felt ‘alone’ during this unusual process which is a credit to the company and my colleagues. I have been most truly impressed with the time and resources that FirstPort provides in inducting and training new starters. The electronic training (LITMOS) modules are very impressive, informative and beneficial. The vast array of subjects that are covered, easy to digest, structured modules are a brilliant tool in helping ensure that I am trained and aware of all aspects of my role both the FirstPort way and also industry-wide key knowledge in an easily accessible format. The knowledge that is shared to new starters is excellent and is unparalleled based upon my experience removing any barriers for knowledge and learning. In my first couple of months I have been impressed with the overall nature of the business and can honestly say that I have recommended the company to former friends/colleagues within the industry.”

People are at the centre of everything we do and we are happy to have received such great feedback from new colleagues. We look after our current employees as well as our new starters; therefore we are also proud to say that we have supported 103 current colleagues into new roles and promotions!

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