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Retirement living, considerations for the modern age

Old ladies drinking a cup of tea

In our latest briefing paper we discuss the issues at the heart of ‘Third Age’ retirement and explore how a person-centred approach is vital if we are going to enhance lifestyles and sustain independent for longer.

By 2024 the number of people aged 65 and over living in England will reach 20% – with this in mind, we have to think about the future of retirement right now. The responsibility is great and complex as it encompasses so much, including people and place, with the backdrop of an ever-changing society.

Whilst forecasts state a change in pace around ‘place’ – with the number of private retirement units predicted to increase by 30% in the next five years – we mustn’t let the ‘people’ element be left behind.

This briefing paper accompanies the ‘Retirement reimagined’ briefing for residential, commercial and retirement living specialists, hosted by FirstPort and The International Longevity Centre UK and held at the Future of Ageing Conference at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, on Thursday 29 November, 2018.

Download the briefing paper