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Seven saddle sore cyclists rode south for Centrepoint

Centrepoint bike ride blog

Seven colleagues from FirstPort teamed up for a cycle ride that weaved its way between each of the residential developments that they manage in London and Surrey.

Raising money for Centrepoint, the youth homelessness charity, the team has so far raised £2,050.

FirstPort, the residential property management company, will double the team’s fundraising total, as part of the company’s corporate partnership with Centrepoint.

“If anyone wants to give us a wave or lend us their support they would be most welcome!” said Rhys Brown, Development Manager, FirstPort.

“Our route on this map starts at West End Quay and ends at Brighton Pier. If you’d like to make a small donation that would great, too. Our fundraising site is here.”

“Leaving from West End Quay at around 10.30 am we quickly made our way across London to visit Artillery Mansions, Neville House, Regency Apartments and even stopped at Prince William Drive as a bonus site. We were comfortable and still smiling, despite a minor detour into some parks, as we got to Balham for a coffee stop.

“After this, the real work started as we made our way to Surrey for Park 25 and Royal Earlswood Park. A quick stop at each and then it was on to Turners Hill… the second biggest hill of our journey. This is when the legs really started to ache, but we made it. The bad news was that the worst was yet to come! Ditchling Beacon was an incredibly steep hill and long too, the good news was that after that it was pretty much downhill to Brighton!

“The end was in sight and we sped through the last 8 miles, beating the support vehicle to the pier. It was all over and we could finally dig into some Brighton chips!

“We arrived at around 5 pm and we were so thankful for all the support along our journey.”

Please visit our CentrePoint Virgin Just giving fundraising page. 

Centrepoint bike ride blog

FirstPort’s saddle sore seven are: Rhys Brown, Development Manager of Park 25 and Foxboro Business Park; Andrew Barham, Development Manager of Regency Apartments; Will Johnston, Development Manager of Artillery Mansions; David Groves, Regional Manager of [South East region]. Supporting them on route, taking pictures, collecting donations and supplying water are; Evans Brandford, Development Manager, Neville House; Paul Harrison, Development Manager, West End Quay; and Ryan Vermaak, Development Manager of Royal Earlswood Park (on leave, not pictured).