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Winter Safety – Get Yourself Prepared with These Tips

Love it or hate it, winter is here. This means darker nights, chilly mornings and icy weather. Although winter comes as no surprise, many of us still aren’t ready for its arrival each time it comes. Get yourself prepared for winter with these tips to help you plan and prepare your homes and cars for the cold weather.

Top tips for drivers

  • Ask your local garage to carry out a winter check on your vehicle. Service the radiator and maintain the antifreeze level
  • Check your tyre or tread or if necessary, replace tyres with all-weather or snow tyres
  • Use a wintertime formulae in your windscreen washer fluid
  • Prepare a winter emergency kit to keep in your car in case you become stranded. The kit could include: mobile phone, portable charger, blankets, food & water, torch and first-aid kit
  • When planning travel, be aware of the weather conditions. You can check the forecast on your local news channel or via the Met Office at

Christmas safety

Did you know Christmas trees, decorations and cards are responsible for many house fires? Although rare, the danger is still there. However, with a little planning, nearly all decoration related accidents could be avoided.

  • Think about getting an artificial Christmas tree, rather than a real one. Even if treated well, real ones eventually dry out and get old, meaning they are more likely to catch fire
  • Keep decorations away from open flames or sources of heat. Old Christmas lights also pose a risk so consider changing them if you have had them for a few years
  • Rushing to cook your Christmas dinner can cause fat spills, hot water splashes and potential knife accidents. Take your time, go steady and get help of you need it

Top tips for outside your home

  • Wear appropriate clothing like a wind resistant coat or jacket with the inner layers of light, warm garments; plus mittens, hats, scarves and appropriate footwear with good grip
  • If you have a path or driveway that needs to be cleared in the event of snow, please do this with caution and consideration. To prevent the surface from freezing over, try gritting it with salt. The best time to do this is early morning
  • Allow yourself extra time to get to your destination

Tips for our retirement customers: inside your home

  • Make sure your home is warm enough. Have your heating system serviced professionally to make sure that it is clean and working properly
  • Eat at least one meal per day and drink plenty of hot drinks
  • Ask for help if you need it. Family, friends, neighbours, your Doctor or Age UK are good places to start

If we manage your home and you want more information on how to have a happy and safe environment this winter, speak with your Development Manager or Property Manager who will be happy to help.