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WATCH – A day in the life of a visiting Retirement Development Manager

Meet visiting Retirement Development Manager Sandra Pool. Find out from Sandra all about a typical day as a retirement Development Manager at FirstPort.


Sandra: “A typical day in the life at Murray Court is I come in in the morning at eight o’clock, I always check the fire panel is working and it’s normal.

“I take a walk around the building and make sure that everything is ok, make sure all the doors and everything are fine, all the fire doors are fine.

“Then I put my sign up to say I am on site.

“I come into the office, I switch my computer on, and I put the site over to myself.

“I always phone the residents to make sure they are all ok.

“Every day I different in Murray Court, as it is.

“But we just take it in our stride.

“Our day sometimes is challenging and other days it’s not.

“And we have a lovely family here at Murray Court and we all work well together.

“Community is very important.

“I love and the residents love the interaction, we have a lot of activities.

“My strive here is to build up a lovely community – everybody is happy, everybody is smiling, and it makes my job so much easier.

“In my experience working for FirstPort for three years, I really would recommend it 100%.

“We have days that are challenging, and we have a lot of other days that are special but everyday I come in here with a smile on my face and I go home with a smile on my face.

“And if I can do that everyday that means the world to me.”

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