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Working at FirstPort… As a Residential Development Manager

Having previously worked as a sole trader and salesman, Steve Leith made a career switch in October last year when he started a new job as a Residential Development Manager for FirstPort.  

And despite joining the company just 12 months ago, Steve hit the ground running and he now manages one of the biggest retirement developments in FirstPort’s portfolio.   

It’s a move he says he’s pleased to have made, and one that brings with it many benefits.  

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of being a Residential Development Manager for Steve is that it is “almost like working from home”, with a 30 second commute to his office.  

While the rent-free accommodation is another bonus, Steve says what’s really important is making sure residents are happy and living in a thriving community environment where they feel safe and supported.  

He explained:

I like getting things achieved and I like making people happy, so I like doing things for my residents and you know. But, ultimately, for me it’s about resolving problems and making people happy.

“And it’s great to run community events. Every Thursday I run a coffee morning where I am a waiter, basically! I find that is a good way to meet the residents and find out what’s going on and things like that.” 

Steve began working at FirstPort as a Residential Development Manager at a smaller development of just over 30 flats. The development was not in the best condition, but he managed to quickly turn that around.   

Steve explained:

“There was a lot of work to do when I joined my first development in October last year. I immediately got on the phone all the time arranging contractors to attend and implement various improvements. We managed to make some big changes in just a few months, and I do think residents really appreciated it.” 

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