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Fire Safety Information

As your property manager, it is our priority to ensure the health and safety of all residents.

Below are two fire safety leaflets that provide you with important fire safety information. Please note that some of the information contained in the leaflets will only apply to buildings in England. In particular, in relation to fire door checks in buildings over 11m. For those living in Scotland or Wales, this does not mean we will not carry out fire door checks, but the QR code checks and other inspections may not be applicable.

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 introduce new duties under the Fire Safety Order for building owners or managers (responsible persons). One of these requirements is to provide fire safety information about your apartment and block.

We have produced a fire safety booklet which outlines what you must do in the event of a fire at your development.

The information booklets listed below refer to a specific evacuation strategy. Please review the fire action notice for where you live, and this will tell you whether your property operates a ‘stay put’ or a ‘simultaneous evacuation’ strategy.

Once you know the evacuation strategy for your block, please refer to the relevant fire safety document below.

The information booklet will explain how to report a fire, a reminder of the evacuation strategy in place for your building, as well as helpful fire safety tips and advice.

If you require the information in a different format, you can make a request to your Development Manager or Property Manager, who will be able to provide a copy in the format you require.

To view our Waking Watch Information, click here.