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I’m worried about security. How secure is my property?

We take the security of our developments extremely seriously. The following security measures ensure that you and your property are always kept safe:

  • The main doors are kept locked at all times, with a security entry system in operation. All residents are issued with a key to the main front door. 
  • Emergency exits are provided for emergency use only and can only be opened from the inside. 
  • Within independent retirement developments, tradespeople are allowed access via a security code at certain times of the day. Only those providing essential services are given the code. 
  • Visitors are monitored by a door entry system that allows callers to speak to you or the Development Manager before being buzzed in. Video entry, linked to your TV screen, may also be available. Ask your Development Manager if you need help using the entry system. 
  • The Development Manager will aim to keep an eye on visitors and refuse entry to any unauthorised persons. 
  • The Development Manager also holds a master key to all flats, but may only use it in emergencies or with your written permission. 
  • Within a retirement development, your key will open the development’s main entrance door and the door to your flat only. Your door is fitted with a high-security lock and there is no need to adjust any locks or add a chain to your door. Duplicate keys should only be cut using an approved service. Ask your Development Manager for advice. 
  • Please note that not all developments are fitted with intruder alarms. 
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