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2020 Residential Property Management Predictions

2020 Residential Property Management Predictions

From Nigel Howell, Chief Executive, FirstPort

Product design will become more important
“As consumers from all walks of life expect more choice and higher standards, residential living ‘product’ needs to get better and better, and appropriate to its target market.  Whether appealing to an urban time-short person, a family or someone in active retirement. Whether they are new or existing customers anyone seeking to attract buyers or renters needs a laser focus on appealing to specific customer need.  As well as property features and presentation, a sense of community and care for the environment will become even bigger parts of customers’ decisions on their property.”

Regulation and Safety standards will improve, but slowly
“The residential property sector has a lot of top-quality operators – but too many are unregulated or cut corners.  Advances to safety and regulatory standards identified in 2018 and 2019 will make progress, but too slowly for many.”

The British will retain their love of homes and housing
“Despite political and economic change the demand for good quality, well presented, affordable homes addressing a range of needs will remain strong.  As will opportunities for the best in the sector who deliver with purpose and fairness in a world that demands transparency and trust.”