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Celebrating FirstPort’s Unsung Heroes for 2024

We’re delighted that three FirstPort colleagues have been recognised as News on the Block’s Unsung Heroes for 2024.

The awards, which are in partnership with Jackson Sims Recruitment, are in place to acknowledge those in the property sector who go above and beyond to build thriving communities whilst providing an outstanding level of service to residents.

You can also read below about the positive impact their work has had:

Ginny, Development Manager:

In her role overseeing a busy development of 1,300 homes, Ginny has shown a remarkable ability to navigate any challenges that arise with determination and confidence. Despite the scale of her responsibilities, Ginny tackles each task with efficiency while maintaining a positive attitude that sets the tone for the entire team. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, which is evidenced by the abundance of 5-star customer reviews she consistently receives. This is simply another testament to her exceptional service and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Supporting her nomination, The Bridge Estate Management Company said: “The collaboration Ginny has promoted between TBEMC and FirstPort has been a positive and proactive appointment for The Bridge. As Development Manager for FirstPort, we have regular conversations to resolve and promote prompt action being taken when needed to resolve resident concerns or queries. Understanding the intricacies of estate management and the boundaries can be testing at times and working on site, attending management meetings and the ability to share information and communicate, facilitates the smooth running of the contract and the relationship between TBEMC and the developer as stakeholders within The Bridge.”

Alison, Development Manager:

Alison’s love for what she does drives her to deliver an exceptional level of property management across each retirement community she manages. She is always there to support her residents, she faces issues appropriately as and when required, and briefs and communicates with the residents at the right level in an open, honest and yet friendly way.

Aside from the outstanding service she provides to the developments under her management, Alison also continues to provide invaluable support for her colleagues. Alison shares her expertise as a trainer for the business but also makes herself available to offer support for all colleagues, wherever possible.

Simona, Concierge:

Working as a concierge at one of FirstPort’s largest developments naturally entails significant responsibilities and challenges on a regular basis. Since starting the role in 2022, Simona has made an exceptional contribution to the development and residents regularly write to FirstPort to highlight the many ways her work has had a positive impact on their day.

Simona will consistently go above and beyond to ensure residents feel supported and valued. From addressing concerns with parcel or bike thefts with empathy and efficiency to assisting vulnerable residents where needed, Simona always shows a genuine care for the community she manages.