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FirstPort recognised with two prestigious international accreditations

We’re delighted to announce that FirstPort has been recognised for commitment to improving and strengthening our environmental performance and process systems’ management. Receiving both ISO internationally-recognised management standards positions FirstPort as a leader in the industry.  

The IS0 14001 accreditation, looks at how an organisation’s activities affect the environment, and identifies continuous improvement plans around its sustainability efforts.  

The accreditation recognises the clear commitment and focus we have made to our overall sustainability framework with the appointment of our new Sustainability Manager. 

We have identified four areas of its operation that most affect the environment and outlined improvement plans linked to them. These areas cover: carbon footprint, biodiversity, waste reduction and resource consumption (i.e., fuel). 

We’re already making great headway, we’ve just signed a contract that procures 100% green energy, and a review is underway of supply chain carbon emissions. The business travel plan is also set to go under extensive review in light of changing ways of working post-pandemic.  

At FirstPort, our portfolio of over 295,000 developments includes an array of green open spaces, woodlands and an estimated 100 lakes. Work is afoot to look at how, locally – working alongside customers the wider community– our developments’ teams can best nurture and develop these areas and drive environmental improvements. 

The ISO 9001 accreditation is designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, by providing a framework that helps ensure consistent quality in the provision of services. It covers areas such as training, complaints handling and supplier management. It makes sure an organisation has clear and documented processes and procedures in place, identifying opportunities to continually assess and improve these processes using a risk-based approach 

To achieve this, over 50 of our processes were reviewed, many of which directly impact customers’ experiences. 

Mark Varley, Director of Health and Safety at FirstPort commented on the accreditations:  

“We are extremely proud to have achieved both these prestigious internationally recognised standards. In many ways, these accreditations are just the start and act as a springboard for us to make the most of the opportunities we have to create a leading environmental response. 

“Whist our internal system management sometimes feel a little far removed from the day-to-day service we provide our customers; they are integral to our customers’ experience. Having a clear benchmark from the ISO accreditation will help us to continually review, learn and improve what we already do and will support the implementation of our new digital systems for the benefit of customers.”