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Property management staff reveal the most bizarre customer requests

From “Can you find my teeth?” to “Can you remove a ghost from my apartment?”, concierge and development managers have seen it all. FirstPort has unveiled the strangest requests their colleagues have been asked.

Property management companies ensure that the homes they manage are safe, clean and comfortable, and the communal areas are spick and span. Yet, some resident requests raise the eyebrow of even the most seasoned on-site staff, with demands including “Can you wash my car?” and “Can you catch my budgie?”.

FirstPort, the UK’s leading residential property services provider, has gathered a list of the most unusual requests. Their 2,600 development managers and concierges have been asked by residents to show the unseen side of their job and the breadth of the work they do.

Property management on-site staff are responsible for the care of the communal areas in the properties they look after, yet despite the fact that many Brits caught the home improvement bug over lockdown, the majority of outlandish requests relate to odd jobs in the home. As well as pleas for help putting up curtains and fixing the TV, one property manager was even asked if they could remove a ghost from a resident’s home.

Animal focused requests are also a frequent occurrence with many development managers being asked to catch spiders, put budgies back in cages and even prevent the neighbourhood cats from mating. By contrast, finding lost teeth is the most commonplace request in independent retirement living buildings.

Some of the most bizarre requests received by FirstPort development managers include:

  • “Can you find my teeth?”
  • “Can you reattach my catheter?”
  • “Can you stop the neighbourhood cats from mating? They’re always at it!”
  • “Can you help find me a ‘female companion’ to keep me warm at night?”
  • “Can you remove a ghost from my apartment?”
  • “I’m afraid of spiders, can you remove one from my ceiling?”
  • “Why are my towels not fluffed?”
  • “I left my E-Scooter at the doctors, can you pick it up?”
  • “Can you send some flowers and chocolates to my girlfriend?”

David Young, Chief Operating Officer at FirstPort says: 

“Our on-site colleagues have a passion for delivering great customer service in a fast-paced role, and it’s clear from these requests that no two days are the same. The key job of our colleagues is to manage and maintain the safety and quality of the buildings we manage, and while customer care is of the upmost importance, some requests do go a little above the call of duty!”

“However, we know that our staff go the extra mile for our residents day in day out. We’re proud to see that over the last few years in particular, trust in our colleagues who go above and beyond, is at an all-time high.”

FirstPort development managers and concierges are the face of the business who help out residents across the UK whilst ensuring their developments are clean, safe and well looked after. Third-party contractors work closely with site staff to ensure developments meet the safety and comfort expectations of residents.

The top ten most unusual resident requests relate to:

  1. Odd jobs around the home
  2. Animals
  3. Personal shopping
  4. Help with lost items
  5. Personal grooming
  6. Matchmaking
  7. Requests to post mail
  8. Help with cooking
  9. Security services (such as on-door security assistance)
  10. Hotel room service (such as providing fresh towels)