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Life&Style – Autumn 2017 (Issue 19)

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Hi and welcome to this Issue of Life&Style (called Lighthouse for one issue only!).

I hope you enjoyed your summer and made the most of the sunshine, I know I definitely did! I was very grateful to be nominated to be part of the editorial board for this Issue, it’s been fascinating to be involved and there’s some interesting articles for everyone’s tastes, so time to get comfortable, have a drink and a cake and enjoy reading your magazine.

On a bright and sunny day in July, I traveled to Luton to attend the editorial board. I was away from my development in Bromley for a few hours but it felt a bit like a day ‘out of school’ as I arrived at the office. It was intriguing to meet up with colleagues, and as Jonathan, Lynn and I introduced ourselves, we soon began swapping stories and ideas. Meeting the team gave us an insight into how the magazine is produced and put together, and as a cosy group of five, we found we had plenty of ideas to discuss and share. In fact, so many ideas that we nearly forgot to have lunch!

It was a very informal and relaxed discussion – ‘no idea is a bad idea’ and we debated about the features we think you would like to see more of in the magazine. We analysed the popularity of certain items in previous issues; how they had been useful to discuss with you at coffee mornings and how we could develop them. It was clear that all the content and articles are aimed at getting residents to provide advice, swap stories, or maybe even start a healthy debate.

We know many more residents are becoming ‘tech-savvy’ and in this issue you’ll find some information regarding searching and downloading apps, an update on our Digital Eagles and future-gazing into how warden call systems are evolving digitally. However, we still also know that many residents prefer to stay away from all things digital, so there are lots of interesting features and stories for everyone; you’ll find puzzles, crosswords, recipes, health and nutritional advice galore!

On the train home, I thought about all the exciting events at my development in the upcoming months and there is also a resident who has travelled half-way around the world recently and has many interesting stories to tell. Can I persuade her to feature in the next Issue I wonder…we shall see.

A great day and I am very grateful that I was nominated to take part and if other colleagues get this opportunity in the future, I would definitely recommend you take it. It is always good to have your say and represent your residents.

Enjoy your magazine,


To read the whole edition, please visit our Life&Style online magazine