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Proactive asset maintenance

We take a proactive approach to keeping developers’ assets in good working order and protecting their long-term value, which involves conducting regular inspections and maintenance at the right time.

  • We currently manage thousands of customers’ homes across England, Wales and Scotland
  • We delivered over 700 major works projects in 2022 and maintain over 3,500 lifts
  • Our planned maintenance programmes make sure work is carried out at at the right time, reducing the need for reactive maintenance

How we work

We create comprehensive asset registers that enable us to plan, track and monitor compliance on all assets from day one. At the same time, we systematically collect and categorise data for each asset, helping minimise risk and maximise asset performance.

All our asset capture activities are implemented alongside our health and safety, operations and procurement processes for more streamlined and informed asset management and compliance.

Maintaining assets more effectively

Using our in-house asset management system, we standardise maintenance plans, which allows us to manage and minimise downtime and produce transparent and accurate budget forecasts. It also provides all of our property managers with clear oversight of all of their assets and when they are due to be serviced development-wide.

Learn more about our proactive approach to asset maintenance & compliance

We work with national and regional developers across the UK, managing all kinds of developments, from luxury apartments to sprawling housing estates, and everything in between.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our proactive asset maintenance measures and the range of residential property services we provide to developers.

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