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How Best is best for resi property management

Residential property management is evolving. Like many other industries, we are adapting to meet ever-increasing customer expectations and we are embracing the many opportunities new technology and digital solutions present, says Nigel Howell, Chief Executive at FirstPort.

In addition, we are also moving towards a future where we will be operating in an increasingly regulated environment.

For residential property managers, I see this as a huge opportunity. Digital tools are making our industry more reactive than ever before. Digital offers new, more convenient ways for customers to get in touch with us, from checking their latest budget in their online account, without having to pick up the phone, through to reporting maintenance issues at the touch of a button.

And we are on the cusp of going even further, with devices powered by the ‘Internet of Things’ feeding more information into the hands of property managers than ever before.

There’s regulatory change on the horizon too as government consults on Lord Best’s Regulation of Property Agents report into the estate agency and property management sectors. So our industry landscape will look quite different in the not-so-distant future. With recommendations including mandatory licensing and qualifications for estate agents and property managers, this would represent the first major piece of regulatory legislation for the industry since the 1970s.

While these changes may feel like challenges or threats to some, here at FirstPort we believe they are an opportunity and have one vital thing in common – they will ensure the best in the sector deliver better service to our customers than ever before…

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This article was originally posted on Property Week on 22nd November 2019.