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The value of the outside environment

While we’re all clear that location is key for home buyers of all hues, what actually is it that those looking to buy a retirement home consider makes the perfect place to retire to? And is the market providing for them?

Retirement Homesearch is the country’s largest specialist retirement estate agency. Using insight from the 100 viewings conducted by their consultants every month, we seek the answers and find that a more practical approach to the outside environment could bring considerable benefits for all.

Retirement Homesearch Managing Director, Nick Freeth, said:

“Buyers in the retirement housing market are more practically-minded than they let on. While dreaming of watching the sun set over the sea from their own private apartment, when it comes to making the commitment they’ll more often opt for quiet areas close to their life-long homes, near family and friends, and close to amenities.

“The upshot is that while Britain’s beautiful coastal towns are brimming with great retirement communities, the suburbs and small towns that offer the environment most see as conducive to a good retirement remain under-served.”