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Celebrating great customer service with the WOW! Awards

The WOW! Awards are the only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer and colleague nominations. We’re really proud to work with WOW! because their awards give us the opportunity to celebrate the great work our FirstPort people do for our customers.

We’re really proud of how our colleagues go the extra mile for our customers day in, day out. WOW! independently judges all nominations every month. We want to share a selection of some of the brilliant comments our customers have shared with WOW! recently. Well done to all of our recent WOW! award winners and a big thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to recognise the customer service they’ve received.

Customer Service Advisor
John is the best ever person, to deal with anyone’s complaint. John acted swiftly to help me, re-assured me, listened, was empathetic, kind, efficient, and dealt immediately with my awful circumstances. I have just lost my mother, who lived in 1 of your developments for 15 years or more, and despite a delicate matter, very serious involving police wanting help from FirstPort, John handled all of this with integrity and professionalism. He contacted the people that needed to be contacted and phoned me as he said he would, to explain in detail what was happening. Never, ever have I experienced such a kind young man. John made me feel, listened to, he made me feel calm, that someone was on my side, his voice was kind and he made me feel that he would resolve this matter quickly and he did just that. I came away feeling 100% better! I told John I would email FirstPort’s Chief Executive to praise him and John replied, simply, ‘there is no need to do that, I am just doing my job’. John is also humble and dedicated 100% to his job and a real people’s person. He is just fantastic!!! John, you are a very genuine, kind person with amazing people’s skills, like gold dust and an inspiration to everyone. Thank you so much for helping me, especially the seriousness of the complaint and the fact I have just lost my mother. You’re simply a wonderful young man.

Property Manager
Paul made himself available over the weekend of 18-19 May 2019 when a serious water leak occurred in a communal area, setting off the fire alarm, affecting the lighting and flooding a large area of floor space. He responded to my phone call and immediately found contractors to attend. He liaised with myself and the contractors throughout the weekend and for 3 days of the following week, making sure that repairs were being coordinated and the 20 residents left without a water supply were adequately supplied with bottled water. He, his wife and their two children personally visited on a Sunday afternoon to bring that day’s water supply himself. This made me feel very grateful indeed. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything about the whole situation without his speedy and continuing help. He has already been thanked personally by me.

Development Manager
My Mother moved into a flat on the 30th of April. From the moment we arrived until the date of this nomination, Richard has exceeded all our expectations. His kind, friendly and very efficient manner has made Mother and all our family when visiting an absolute pleasure. As above, his attention to detail and presentation of the development, not only interior but throughout the property and gardens should be a quality that FirstPort should be proud of. We can say this with authority as we had visited a number of Retirement apartments throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, and Suffolk. None came up to the standard of our development. This can only be contributed to the manager and his desire to present a ‘home’ for his residents. This is of course why we chose the development for Mother. If there is a FirstPort award for employee of the month, it should be Richard. Richard, thank you so much for the way you have welcomed Barbara and her family. You should be very proud of what you are achieving for all the residents.

House Manager
My mother had a fall on the 3rd of June and had to go to the dentist the next morning to have her teeth repaired. She had fractured her arm and was also badly bruised and Ian was worried when she didn’t return after two hours. So he went to the dentist to ask if she was there, but they said that they couldn’t tell him because of patient confidentiality. He, therefore, checked the doctor’s surgery and other places Mum usually visits in the town centre. He had already been to check the location Mum said she tripped over to look for potential hazards on the pavement. Luckily, Mum was alright and returned from the dentist on her own accord sometime later, but this was typical of Ian. He can’t do enough for his residents. Several times he’s helped Mum find her keys, even visiting supermarkets and other places she’d been to check for them. On this occasion, as always, Ian was polite, very cheerful and extremely positive and his empathy and care have been so valuable in my mother’s recovery. I felt that I could totally trust Ian with Mum. I felt relieved that Ian was so aware of where she was and her vulnerable condition at that time. Ian, you are a brilliant House Manager and inspirational in the way you conduct yourself every day. Thank you.

You should be very proud of what you are achieving for all the residents...

Development Manager

Visiting Development Manager
Bob has worked in his own time, to dig up and prepare a small border near the entrance to our Estate and has planted it with new shrubs, which were provided by a nearby company. It is looking good right now and so much better than the previous planting. He has worked extremely hard over several weekends in order to improve this area for the Residents of this Estate and I wish to say a huge thank you for that Bob. His actions have made me feel extremely grateful to him for going above and beyond the requirements of his job and great satisfaction in reaping the rewards of his efforts on our behalf. Both my wife and I have already thanked him for giving up his own time to provide us with a much-improved area, whilst asking for nothing in return.

Concierge / Security Guard
During the night shift, Derrick came across a young girl (14 years old) sleeping alone on the bench close to the riverfront. She was wearing a school uniform; she was scared and sad. He took her to Concierge Office and the external security company and Police were informed. After a few minutes of conversation, the girl provided phone numbers for her parents. Her parents were on site within 10 minutes and safely took her home. Later we received a phone call from the parents. They were so grateful that Derrick saved their daughter and helped them to find her. On behalf of the parents, I would like to thank Derrick and the security company for their brilliant behaviour that night.

Visiting Development Manager
Since Tina has come to our development as our visiting manager, she has turned it around. Tina has improved the development making it look beautiful and the residents are much happier. She spends time with all residents keeping us all up to date with works that need to be carried out and for me; she has gone out of her way to support me and my mum Tina. She is very approachable very professional in all that she does. Tina has changed the way I cope with my Mum; she has arranged for carers, which has given me back my life and extra support. Tina you are amazing and very good at your job thank you so much.

Visiting House Manager
Ruth has been helpful over and beyond duty to my Mum who lived at this development for 14 years. Mum became really ill early 2018 and Ruth ran errands for her, kept her company and even did her dishes when required. When mum went to a hospice and then care home at the end of 2018. Ruth visited regularly; she really made mums last few months more comfortable. When mum died at the end of December 2018, she was extremely helpful and sympathetic to myself and my sister. She has been active in helping with the clearing and sale of Mum’s flat, even arranging for a charity to pick up unwanted furniture – this has been invaluable. Ruth has always made me feel more comfortable about Mum being on her own; she gave me some peace of mind that someone was looking out for Mum and helping her when needed – especially as my sister and I did not live close. I cannot emphasise enough how good and supportive she has been. Thank you SO much, for all your help, I know Mum’s life would have been more difficult and poorer emotionally without your fantastic support – as would mine! 5 stars from me for all you have done; particularly way over your job requirements.

Development Manager
Ryan is the best manager that we have had here for years. He is right on top of the job, arriving early in the morning at his office. He is always eager to help and has sorted out many of the problems that we had here at the development. He is very hands-on with getting estimates for maintenance and is saving everyone substantial amounts of money. Nothing is too much trouble for Ryan, and he will find time to go through things and discuss them in a very friendly manner. Please keep up the good work and thank you.

Visiting Development Manager
Kaye has always been there for the residents but since the lift broke down on the 15th of April and is still out of action, she has gone beyond her call of duty. Helping those who have trouble walking up and down the stairs on their own. Shopping for those who need bread, milk, etc. Taking the shopping up to the flat of those that can manage to do their own shopping. Taking rubbish to the bins and just being there for those that need help. Thank you, Kaye.

5 stars from me for all you have done; particularly way over your job requirements...

Visiting House Manager

Night Duty Manager
Lisa is our night manager and each time we have a special meal or occasion she will design and make table decorations and small gifts for everybody. She made beautiful chocolate boxes out of her own money and gets immense pleasure from seeing our happy faces. She is very kind, helpful and just a wonderful person.

Development Manager
Lorraine came to do the shopping for residents at our development in her own time, all the way from her village due to a lift breakdown, as residents were unable to get down from floor 1 and 2 to do their own shopping. This is going the extra mile to help residents from a different development and shows great teamwork. Thank you for all your fantastic help and kindness to myself and residents at our development.

Development Manager
Ron supported my elderly mother in such a kind and respectful way in the last few weeks of her residency when it was becoming clear she was struggling to cope, going above and beyond simply managing the property. He liaised with me, health professionals and caregivers with genuine concern and kindness. I have observed him dealing with the elderly residents in a skilful and positive manner, which as a healthcare professional myself I admire wholeheartedly. I have been reassured by knowing he is supervising the occupants with kindness and care. The consensus among the property owners is that they are very fortunate to have him as their manager. Thank you can never be enough for all you have done.

Development Manager
My 94-year-old aunt was a resident at this development, near London. She suffered from increasing dementia and her behaviour became increasingly challenging, also impacting other residents. Shelley handled every situation with absolute professionalism, displaying all of the FirstPort values. Above all, she demonstrated respect for my aunt, the family, and other residents. Shelley supported the family in the ‘Best Interests’ meetings with Social Services and also reported any lapses in the care delivered by Social Services providers. Shelley did much more than this space allows. The actions and attitudes of Shelley made me feel that the interests of all residents were her priority and that she would handle difficult situations with skill, professionalism, and human concern. Thank you, Shelley, for your hard work in helping my aunt. You made a huge difference to her and made it possible for me to care for her at a distance over many months.

If anyone in our team has recently gone above and beyond for you we’d love to hear from you. If you’ve received great customer service, please nominate them for our WOW Awards by visiting