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How do I know if I am leasehold, freehold, or commonhold?

What is property management?

Sometimes the terminology can be confusing, so here we help you to understand what kind of customer you may be:


Leasehold properties are mainly apartments who have an agreement in place with the Freeholder which allows the occupant to reside at the property for an extended period of time. Leaseholders will contribute to the service charge for the upkeep of the communal areas accessible and may pay a ground rent charge for the land the property is located on. In England and Wales there will be no new ground rent charges on most new residential leases from 30th June 2022. This will impact leaseholders buying new properties or formally extending their existing leases.


A freehold property on development is usually a house that the owner owns the property and the land it is built on. They have the right to live at the property for as long as they please. Freehold properties pay a service charge for the communal upkeep of the estate but do not pay ground rent as they own the land in which the property is located.


A commonhold property refers to an apartment which does not have a lease and the owner has freehold over the property. The block will have a ‘commonhold association’ which each owner is entitled to be a part of and they are responsible for making sure the communal areas are maintained by all who own a property within the block.  A commonhold property will still pay a service charge for the estate to be maintained by the Freeholder/management company.