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Property Predictions for 2019

2019 will be the year of significant change in our sector:

  • Change for the Leasehold system, which is rightly in the spotlight and needs to remain there so that we can work towards a system that provides professional building oversight backed by transparency and strong consumer choice.
  • Change in focus for health and safety following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which is a powerful wake-up call that changes must be embedded in the culture of the property sector.
  • Change in the Build to Rent Market, where 2019 really is crunch time if we’re going to create a vibrant and long-term offer in the UK that meets investors’ demands.
  • Change in the way residential property management is regulated, bringing it in line with commercial property and providing the public with assurance that can rely on competent, qualified advisers and managers.

You can read FirstPort Chief Executive, Nigel Howell’s Property Predictions in full here.