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Our charity partnership

This year we thought how powerful would it be to channel everyone’s efforts – including those of our clients, customers, residents and contractors - towards helping one selected charity partner. The collective outcome could be immense and make a real difference to our selected partner.

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We are delighted to be an official partner to the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint. We’re looking to harness everyone’s efforts – our employees, clients, customers, residents and contractors – to make a real impact, and we will be matching any fundraising, pound for pound. Imagine the difference we could make to some of the most vulnerable people in the UK together…

What is Centrepoint?

Launching back in 1969, Centrepoint provides practical and emotional support for young people experiencing homelessness; giving them a chance to turn their lives around, build firm foundations and prepare for a future where they are encouraged to fulfil their potential.

It’s estimated that 103,000 young people reach out annually to their local authority for help with homelessness and more than 50% receive little more than a leaflet. With young rough sleeping doubling in London alone in 2016/17 – the expertise provided by Centrepoint is needed now more than ever before.

Centrepoint and their partners work with more than 15,000 young people every year, ensuring that homeless 16 to 25-year-olds have a safe place to call home for up to two years, access to critical physical and mental health support and a pathway back into education, training or work.

At Centrepoint, a bed really is just the start and this is an opportunity to give vulnerable young people a life-changing hand up and not just a handout.

88% of young people supported by Centrepoint move on positively. Please help us to support young people who deserve a bright future and the skills necessary to become independent.

To find out more about Centrepoint, visit their website here.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to offer your support or have some great ideas and ways to get involved, please contact us via or simply donate to our Virgin Giving page here.