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Who do I contact about nuisance neighbours?

Residents’ queries

At FirstPort, we believe that everybody has the right to the quiet enjoyment of their home. However, we are aware that there are sometimes disturbances to this.

We will always strive, to the best of our ability, to create a harmonious environment for you and your neighbours and all reports of disturbances are kept strictly confidential. If you are experiencing issues which are causing you a nuisance, see how we can help with some of these below:


If your neighbour is making a lot of noise, particularly outside of sociable hours (11pm-7am), we will first send out a polite reminder to the property advising that they are causing excessive noise and hope that this will resolve the issue. Should the issue persist, we will write two more formal letters requesting that the noise be ceased. If the property is tenanted, we will write to the owner of the property to rectify the issues.

We recommend that you keep a log of the time, date and type of noise throughout this process as if your neighbours fail to act on our letters, you will need to escalate the issue to your local Environmental Health. Environmental Health holds a higher level of authority over noise concerns and will be able to act further on your behalf to resolve the issue.


Sometimes you may have issues with a neighbour parking in your parking space, a visitors bay or parking illegally. This may just be an accident and we will try to have the vehicle moved as soon as possible.

When you report the vehicle to us, we will require the registration plate number, the make of the vehicle, the model, the colour and some pictures where possible. You will also need to tell us the exact location of the vehicle.

We will start by sending a general letter to all residents in the block advising that the vehicle has been parked incorrectly and must be moved immediately. If this is not effective, we will send another letter to all residents and your Property Manager will apply the first notice to the vehicle. Should the vehicle still not be removed, we will send a second letter and apply a final notice to the vehicle before further action is taken.

Should we need to take further action, we first contact the local council to ask for their assistance in removing the vehicle. If the council are unable to do so, we will instruct one of our approved contractors to remove the vehicle. A notice will be placed before doing so.

Illegal Activity

If you witness any illegal activity on your development such as the use of drugs or antisocial behaviour, please report this to your local police immediately. We are limited in our action; however, if you notice any security issues or any damage to the development, please notify us.

Communal Area Storage

Under no circumstance should items be stored within the communal area. Not only can this make the block look unsightly, but it also poses an extremely high health and safety risk for all that visit or live in the block.

We will apply TORT notices on any items stored in the communal area and give the owners of the items a stipulated time frame to remove them in. Should the items not be removed within the time frame, we will instruct our contractors to remove the item(s) and store them for 28 days before being disposed of.

If there are any other issues that are causing you a disturbance, please contact our Customer Services team who will be able to assist.

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