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How do you let me know how my service charge has been spent?

Service charges explained

Following the end of the development’s financial year, the annual accounts are prepared and then audited by an independent firm of accountants. A summary is sent to every owner and the accounts will be fully explained.

There is often an adjustment to the service charge after the year-end as it is unlikely that our estimate will equal the amount expended during the year.

This adjustment can be a credit if we overestimate or debit if we underestimate. If we under estimate; an invoice will be sent to you for the balance due. If we overestimate, the adjustment is credited to your account and can reduce future invoices.

If you live in an independent retirement living development you will be invited to a residents’ meeting held by the Area Manager where you can ask any questions. We keep a record of all invoices and requests to see this information can be made at any time.

For residents in general residential developments, the property management will provide a summary of service charge expenditure for the financial year broken down by categories of expenditure.