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What utilities does my service charge cover?

Service charges explained

The cost of utilities for the communal areas of your development is covered within the yearly service charge. We have a dedicated procurement team who work hard to obtain competitive prices and negotiate cost savings for insurance cover, utility providers and maintenance contracts through our bulk purchasing power.


The original developer arranges for the services to be connected to the building. You’re responsible for paying the electricity bill for your own property though, so when you buy your property, you’ll need to ask the electricity company to connect the supply once the purchase is completed. As your property manager, we arrange for the electricity for the communal areas of your development which is covered by your service charge.


Some developments and building may have a communal fresh water pump or even a pump station.

If you have a pump station at your property, the likelihood is that the development is not connected directly to the main sewer system. Therefore, the waste from the property flows to a storage chamber fitted with submersible pumps which discharge automatically to the main sewer system. When liquid waste enters the Local or Water Authority sewer systems, it may typically pass through many more pumping stations handling progressively bigger flows before reaching the treatment works.

The fact that your development has its own private pumping station, should not be viewed as an unusual situation, perhaps just something which you’ve not known about or had any responsibility for in the past. Sewage pump systems are designed to handle foul water, natural human waste and biodegradable products.

Other household waste and non-biodegradable products should never be disposed of through the drainage system regardless of whether your property has its own pump system or not. If you would like any help or advice on living with a pump station please get in touch with your Customer Services team.

Telephone systems

A telephone point is usually provided in each property. Every customer would normally apply for their own connection.


Each flat has a socket connected to a communal aerial to connect a television. You will need to have your own TV licence unless you are exempt.


Water is usually calculated from a meter and sewage charges are collected on behalf of the water authority. Any water used for the communal areas of the development such as in landscaping, is charged back to leaseholders via the service charge.