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Asset management consultancy that can optimise the lifecycle of your development

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Property development is a challenging business, working with high-value assets and many moving components over a long lifecycle that collectively needs to deliver the right return for you – and the right experience for residents. The increased site considerations which come with developing brownfield sites means that getting the right property management input at the planning stage, has never been so important. Expertly applied, thorough property management consulting makes all the difference to your bottom line and the opportunities you can capitalise upon over time.

That’s why it makes sense to work with bespoke property consultants able to design-out errors, help create selling points, establish tailored processes, optimise resourcing, model service charges and navigate your legal and regulatory responsibilities – right from the planning green light. Our end-to-end property management consulting services help make efficiency, performance, experience, longevity and profitability intrinsic to the DNA of your development.

Easy access to comprehensive and proven residential property management consultancy expertise that’s tailored to your needs – whatever the type of site. Our total commitment to best practice and great service means that we are able to deliver the consistently high standards and innovative thinking that help optimise every aspect of your development.
Whether you need FirstPort property management consulting for a new build or to overhaul an existing estate, we’re here to help.

  • Certainty: a finalised proposal that can be entered into the management agreement.
  • Structure: a bespoke service charge framework that works for both you and residents.
  • Independence: expert, experience and impartial advice before you break ground.
  • Innovation: the lateral thinking that enables you to maximise unusual or complex sites.
  • Predictability: mitigating risk and cost certainty for return on investment.
  • Compliance: all relevant legal, regulatory, environmental and local authority requirements covered.
  • Insight: helps you calculate the optimum balance of service charge and sale price that optimises the attraction for buyers.
  • Value: an enhanced resident experience that adds value to your brand and helps build a loyal customer base.

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