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Do you look after my waste bin area?

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Most leasehold properties will have access to a bin store where the communal refuse bins are kept and collected by the local council on a regular basis. Freehold properties tend to have their own wheelie bins which the council should also collect.

Bin stores are not an area for fly-tipping large items. Not only could this pose a fire risk, but the cost of the service charge will also have to cover the removal of these items. If we identify the property that has dumped the items, the owner will be charged directly. Your local council should offer a collection of large items for a small fee.

If you are an owner and your bin store has a code on which you do not know, please get in touch with our Customer Services team who will be able to advise.

If you are a tenant and do not know the code, please consult with your landlord in the first instance as authorisation will be required from them in order to provide the information to you directly.

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