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Who looks after the roofing and guttering on my property?

Maintenance, improvements & repairs

If you live in a leasehold property, all roofing and guttering is managed by FirstPort. If you live in a freehold or commonhold property, the responsibility to rectify any issues is yours.

Common problems that can happen around roofing or guttering are:

  • Roof tiles falling due to extreme weather conditions such as high winds or storms
  • Nesting of birds in gutters
  • Gutter blockages doing the autumn when leaves start to shed from trees
  • Breakages in external downpipes due to extreme weather conditions

By having problems with guttering or downpipes means that there is an overflow of water due to obstructions in drainage. This can cause damp and mould to occur inside of the property should the water run down the side of the building.

Roof tiles falling is extremely hazardous to anyone in close proximity. If you do see any issues with loose or fallen roof tiles, please contact us immediately so we can arrange for the area to be made safe and the issue rectified.

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