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What do I do if my garden hasn’t been maintained?

Maintenance, improvements & repairs

The majority of our developments have garden areas that need to be maintained. This is often referred to as the estate, which all properties on the development will contribute to. Your Property Manager will ensure that an annual order is in place with a gardening or landscaping company for them to attend periodically throughout the year.

There may also be reactive repairs raised for ad-hoc works that are not regular enough to be included within the annual order (jet washing of pathways, etc). Sign up to My Home to view the annual orders raised and check the contractors’ attendance dates.

In some instances, there may be areas of the estate owned by a third party, as the local council, meaning they will not be maintained by FirstPort. For any information regarding this land, you will need to contact their owners or managing agent.

Residents in independent retirement living developments may be able to plant flowers or shrubs in the communal garden, so if you are a keen gardener please get in touch with your Development Manager.

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