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Who maintains the barriers and gates in my development?

Maintenance, improvements & repairs

If you have a barrier or gate on your development either vehicle or pedestrian, they are likely to be covered by an annual maintenance order as they are tested and serviced throughout the year. These orders may include any ad-hoc call outs if the gates stop working however if not, an additional order will be raised. If a contractor does need to attend to the gates, we will ask them to fix it on the spot if possible.

Unfortunately, in some instances, the contractors may require a specialist part or further equipment to rectify the issue so may need to book in a second visit. If the gates/barrier cannot be fixed on the first attendance, we will ask the contractor to make a temporary fix or leave the gate safe so as to not cause any harm to people or vehicles. On occasions, this may mean that the gate is secured open however if this is the case, we always ask our contractors to deal with the matter as soon as possible to ensure the security of the development is not compromised longer than necessary.

If you have any queries either get in touch with your development manager or get in touch with our customer service team.


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